buju(Thanks, June Daley, for original post).
Reggae icon Buju Banton currently serving a 10-year prison sentence in the USA has become focal point of a new controversy after rumors has surfaced that he has embraced Christianity and became a pastor in prison.

“Those are all rumors and these folks should stop trying to tarnish Buju’s reputation any more than what has been done already,” the singer’s rep told members of the media.

Banton’s rep also used the opportunity to enlighten the media that he is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in prison and has been counseling his fellow inmates. The respective discipline of his studies however was not revealed.

“He is pursuing his Master’s Degree while serving his time and will be returning home to Jamaica upon his release in early 2019. A lot of the inmates look up to him and he has been like a mentor to them,” the rep explained.

Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was convicted on drug trafficking charges in 2011. He was sentenced to serve the minimum sentence of 10 years in a Federal prison. The singer has maintained his innocence

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