CHRONIXXWhatever resonates with you as truth…whatever you feel in the deepest depths of your being as truth, don’t be ashamed of it. Live it! Remember that the truth don’t separate, it is not prejudice, it is what we all share in common. It does not separate past from present, it is the Unbreakable chord that connects everything that happened from the beginning of time up until this moment. It is not in my interest to suppress the truth, or deny myself the freedom of being led by feelings to please any particular group of people or any particular person on this planet. Everyone who interact with me on any level will feel loved..they will experience love because that’s all I have to give. Love and truth walks hand in hand. Don’t be afraid if the truth, at first, hits harder than you expect because after the acceptance of truth follows peace and love unconditional. I’m not afraid of hate, I’m not afraid of the judgements of this world..I was born prepared for that…and I find comfort in that confidence that good will always be victorious over evil. If I am to wake up tomorrow and nobody on this planet listens to my music anymore, nobody wants to buy a ticket to see chronixx. I will rest comfortably in the undeniable truth that chronixx is not all that there is…it is only one aspect of this being. Literally just one moment in time. I feel it is unfair to humanity to use “development” and “modernization” as a tool to undermine the natural laws of the earth and remove people from their sacred lands. It don’t feel right to me.
Love and light!


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